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The fast and furious mobile rack for audio Mixing with Waves LV1

Animated view of the possible monitor movements. The DELL 2418HT monitor can easily be adjusted manually in a wide variety of positions according to your needs. The lower part with the FIT hardware controller can be adjusted in 4 different positions.
This is the front view with attached Dell P2418HT Touchscreen monitor and a FIT Conroller. (they do not come with the streamioFIT– you have to buy yourself…)
Example of an attached Manfrotto 014-38 female adapter suitable to mount a Manfrotto Magicarm to hold an additional monitor. (This is not part of streamioOne – just to show one of the many possibilities of attaching more things to it.)
streamioFIT fits perfectly in a pelicase 1637 – the case is not included in our offer – just to show how you could easily stow and move your new audio rack.
Backside:  Pre-punched holes support standard panel/chassis mount connectors (ie: XLR, Neutrik D-Series, Speakon, etc. like HDMI, XLR, USB or Ethernet. The opneing for your 19″ devices is 4 RU in height – – but you can use only 2 RU over the full depth because the FIT needs to be lowered for transporting.
Inside:  rack ears for the FIT controller (the black strip is only for shipping). The diagonal „thing“ is to raise and lower the FIT Controller in 4 steps and for transport.

Leipzig/Germany December 15th

Dear Audio-PROs,

We’re happy to present our newly built streamioFIT, a perfect solution for mobile Audio Mixing with short setup times and comfortable handling for long hours. And it looks nice too – doesnt it? Its made of lasercut black anodized aluminum with stainless steel screws and and nuts, designed, manufactured and hand mounted in Germany. The hand rest is made from polished and oiled german Tannenbaum wood for a good haptic feeling for your hands.

We will build a small series of this housings and offer it to your world. Let us know your opinion or just order by january 15th 2024 using the form below.

thank you very much.

martin from 

Our story and the story of streamioONE + the streamioFIT

We are livestreamers since 2017, based in Leipzig/Germany and we have to setup our equipment on location very quickly – we used Laptops, FlyPacks and rackmount of any sort but there was always either a lot of cabeling to do or we had oversized Rack Towers to pull out of the car and up to the venues FOH – For long we have been searching for the „perfect case“ and we did not find it. So we asked our friend and engineer Andrè Böhme to consult us in constructing our own mobile flypack. We also asked our friend Livian to reduce the computers size to 3RU – he did what some big companies we asked before couldt not accomplish. And we wanted at least two monitors (maybe more to attach), a powerful yet silently running computer, good network capabilities and physical inputs for at least 4 HDMI inputs and 4 SDI inputs/outputs. There should be enough space inside the streamioONE to accomodate a router, a PoE Switch and a DANTE Audio device. There should be enough holes to mount connectors, such as XLR, Ethernet or PowerCon. We wanted it as small as possible because we love to transport it by cargo bike – but this another story to tell. We first went to wooden casings (too bulky), then just steel (too heavy) and ended up with aluminum, which is not exactly enviromental friendly but lightweighted and sturdy. We tried to find a format with as less single parts to be lasercutted as possible and it should look nice because we are often sitting within the audience in the same room. The monitors needed to be positoned in a wide range to accomodate sitting and standing working positions for a long time. At the end (february 2023) streamioONE and streamioTWO (spoiler) were born. And here they are: easing up the work of livestreamers, audio guys and maybe gamers. Or all people in need for a quick setup of a powerful computer with a lot of screen space.
Our friends from the audio department asked us to modify the streamioONE into a streamioFIT because they loved to have a quick, reliable and stylish mixing rack combined with a hardware controller for their motorized faders – they love faders – we too. So we did and here it is: the streamioFIT



This is what you get when ordering streamioFIT

– completly assembled empty housing as shown above
– 570mm x 405mm x 300 mm
(22.44 in x 15,94 in x 11.81 in)
– weight is 6,9kg
(15.2 pds)
– lasercut anodized aluminum 5mm + 1,9mm
(0.1969 in + 0.0748 in)
+ 1 mounting plate for 100x100mm
(3.94 x 3.94 in) + screws for Monitor
+ 2 lasercut rackmountings for Waves LV1 FIT-Controller

– Ready for 1 24″ Dell P2418HT touchscreen display
– Fits perfectly in a Pelicase1637

minor changes in Design may apply – but always to improve further quality and handling experience.



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Pay by march 22nd 2023 300€ as installment

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200€ rebate

Pay full price by march 22nd 2023 

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We collect orders and money till January 15th 2024
We start manufacturing January 16th 2024
We expect to get the streamioFIT ready for shipping February 15th 2024
We ship
You enjoy – as soon you get it.

Meanwhile we keep everbody updated about the ongoing production. Beforehand we can discuss the best shipping method for your destination – of course you can also pickup streamioFIT in our studio in Leipzig/Germany and we’ll have a good coffee and a nice chat  on livestreaming and AV machinery…

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